The following are some suggestions for inviting Tom, Tom and Raschelle, or Raschelle to speak at your church or event.

Here are suggested topics and areas for which you may want to invite Tom to speak:

For Church Revivals or Conferences:

  • Amazing Missional Verbs in the New Testament
  • Lessons from the Seven Churches in Revelation
  • Soul-Winning in the New Testament
  • Understanding the Great Commission
  • The Urgency of Evangelism

In Academic Settings:

  • Church Evangelism
  • Defining Evangelizing
  • History of Evangelism
  • Key Leaders in the History of Evangelism
  • New Testament Principles for Personal Evangelism
  • Theology of Evangelism

Here are some areas for which you may want to invite Tom and Raschelle to speak:

Here are some topics for which you may want to invite Raschelle to speak:

Please be prepared to pay for transportation from/to Kansas City, Missouri, as well as a hotel room, if that is required due to distance. Normally a love offering is requested for an honorarium. Send Requests to: 4thomasjohnston [at] gmail [dot] com or raschelle [at] hotmail [dot] com

This page was revised on 23 January 2016.