Other Historical Curiosities

A.D. 1230-1330, Medieval Gospel Presentation or Manual of Church Order? - A Gospel presentation from the back of a Waldensian Bible

A.D. 1250, Saccho's description of the 16 Cathar denominations in southern Europe (Coming soon)

A.D. 1250, Inquisitor Reinerius Sacho on the Waldensians - This text is a translation of the inquisitor Reinerius Sacho's (aka. Sacconus) testimony on the beliefs of the Waldenses, from his Summâ de haereticis (1654), as quoted by Jacques Benigne Bossuet (1627-1704) in his Histoire des variations des églises Protestantes (1688).

A.D. 1471, Franck Puaux on the Indulgences - This file quotes from the Indulgence Book of Roman Taxation of 1471.

A.D. 1523, Lambert d'Avignon's Letter - This file includes the testimony of Lambert d'Avignon. The first French monk to leave the monastic life and join Protestantism in 1522.

A.D. 1534, Poster Incident in France - this file translates the actual poster that was placed throughout Paris and on the bedroom door of the King of France on October 18, 1534. It led to the burning of six Lutherans in six Paris squares while Mass was being pronounced by the Archbishop for King Francis I of France.

A.D. 1653, Blaise Pascal "On the Conversion of the Sinner" - This file contains a writing of Pascal showing his philosophical approach to conversion.

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