Mission and Vision of Evangelism Unlimited

Four urgencies of the Word of God demand not only attention, but also action, from the believer in Christ. These four urgencies provide focus to Evangelism Unlimited's mission and vision:

Spurred on by these urgencies, Evangelism Unlimited exists to teach, train, lead, encourage, and resource Christians to evangelize.

Regular involvement in direct evangelism energizes our knowledge of the Word of God. It affirms that most persons do not have a saving knowledge of Christ. Sharing our faith allows the personal worker to experience the great need that led Jesus Christ to weep over Jerusalem.

With these things in mind, the mission of Evangelism Unlimited is to assist local churches and partner with Evangelical schools:

Please enjoy this website for your encouragement, and make use of the resources and free downloads available.

This page was revised on 28 December 2015.