Executive Brief:

Jesus told His disciples to “teach them to observe all that I have commanded you.” In Matthew alone there are 256 imperatives from the lips of Jesus. The breadth and depth of Christ’s imperatives are enormous—as are the many missional verbs in the Bible. An analysis of the five Great Commissions of Christ unlocks the key to becoming passionate about Jesus.

In these pages, Johnston probes every stage in the Great Commission process, from the beginning of Christ’s call to “Go!” to the New Testament’s 62 “One Another Commands.” Plowing new ground in Great Commission studies, Johnston addresses evangelizing and working together with God, a hearing of faith and repentance, persuasion and confession, winning disciples and baptizing them, and teaching and building—all from the standpoint of New Testament Greek verbs.

Table of Contents:

  1. God’s Words at Work (ἐνεργέω)
  2. Called to Go (πορεύομαι)
  3. And Preach (κηρύσσω)
  4. And They Went (ἔρχομαι)
  5. And Preached (καταγγέλλω)
  6. They Evangelized (εὐαγγελίζω)
  7. Fellow Workers (συνεργέω)
  8. Repent (μετανοέω)
  9. Believe (πιστεύω)
  10. A Hearing of Faith (ἀκούω)
  11. Some Were Persuaded (πείθω)
  12. Confess (ὁμολογέω)
  13. Win Disciples (μαθητεύω)
  14. Baptizing Them (βαπτίζω)
  15. Teach Them to Obey (διδάσκω + τηρέω)
  16. All That I Have Commanded You (πᾶς + ἐντέλλομαι + σύ)
  17. Be Careful How You Build (βλέπω + πῶς + οἰκοδομέω)

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