Executive Brief:

Evangelizology developed from 30 years of the study of the Bible in areas related to evangelism. In some cases, centuries of crustaceans have developed obscuring the message of the Bible to evangelism. In other matters, it is a matter of applying doctrinal truths in the practical realm. My quest in developing these notes has been to seek to allow the one voice of the Holy Spirit to address the gospel’s message and the means by which that gospel is to be communicated.

Table of Contents:


Part 1, “Boldly, As I Ought to Speak” (Eph 6:20)

1. Introducing the Work of the Gospel

2. The Christian’s Calling to Evangelism, with Metaphors Related to Evangelism

3. The Spiritual Passions and the Spiritual Battle

4. Steadfast Truths in Evangelism

5. Motivations and Urgency of Evangelism

Part 2, “I Must Evangelize Other Cities Also” (Luke 4:43)

6. The Bible in Evangelism

7. Defining Evangelizing

8. Evangelism and Conversion

9. The Gift of the Evangelist and Revival


10. The Great Commission

11. God, Prayer, and Fasting in Evangelism

12. Spiritual Elements to Evangelism

Part 3, “From Now on You Will Be Taking Men Alive” (Luke 5:10)

13. Before Sharing the Gospel

14. Beginning a Spiritual Conversation

15. Getting into Spiritual Things

16. The Personal Testimony and Power of Story

17. What Is the Gospel?

18. Levels of Openness

19. Smokescreens and Objections (Street Apologetics)

20. Results, Reactions, and Responses

21. Commitment and the Prayer of the Sinner

22. Is an Invitation Necessary for Effective Evangelistic Preaching?

23. Immediate Follow-Up and Evaluation

24. Baptism and Evangelism

Part 4, “Teaching Them to Observe” (Matt 28:20)

25. The Parable of the Sower

26. Follow-Up Is Important

27. God and the Bible in Follow-Up

28. A Graphic Look at Biblical Follow-Up

Part 5, “I Will Build My Church” (Matt 16:18)

29. Visitation Initiative—Toward a Local Church Evangelism Strategy

30. Four Categories of Evangelism Programs

31. Evangelism and Systematic Theology

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Cover of 2014 edition of volume 1 of Evangelizology

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Cover of 2014 edition of volume 2 of Evangelizology

Tom’s book, Evangelizology, Vol 2, can be purchased at Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/Evangelizology-Vol-Historical-Theological-Evangelizing/dp/0983152659/.

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