Through evangelism ministry in Chicago, Quebec, Manitoba, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Kansas City, as well as international opportunities to evangelize, it has been made very evident to me that questionnaires are quite culturally-limited. For this reason, I offer these questionnaires as ideas. Please change them and adapt them as may be appropriate to your context.

Evangelism Questionnaire I - This questionnaire was first developed in Quebec in French. I have found it helpful in street and door-to-door evangelism. (Also available in PDF format)

Religious Questionnaire I - This questionnaire asks questions about the person's religious beliefs. It makes a twist on the assurance questions by replacing "God" with "Supreme Being." (Also available in PDF format)

Neighborhood Questionnaire I (NQ I) - This is a general needs questionnaire for use by a local church. It does not include the assurance questions. It also includes helpful follow-up information for the pastor or church leader. (Also available in PDF format)

Neighborhood Questionnaire III - This questionnaire is a needs-oriented with the assurance questions. It includes follow-up information as NQ I. (Also available in PDF format)

Neighborhood Questionnaire IV - This questionnaire is similar to (NQ III), with the exception that it emphasizes church attendance. (Also available in PDF format)

This page was revised on 25 March 2014.